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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as the windshield keeps the rain out, why should I care what kind it is?
AGRSS (The Auto Glass Safety Council) and the Department of Transportation set strict safety standards when it comes to the manufacturing and installation of windshields and other auto glass.  They do this because of the importance of auto glass in case of an accident.  The windshield structurally supports the vehicle and protects the vehicle’s occupants in a crash.  Don’t trust your safety to just anyone, Harmon Auto Glass uses only OE quality glass and adhesives that meet or exceed all safety standards. 

What makes Harmon Auto Glass different from the other guys?
Harmon Auto Glass is no fly-by-night company.  We have been “installing confidence,” repairing and replacing auto glass for longer than nearly any other auto glass company.  We don’t take shortcuts.  Our professional, certified auto glass technicians use only quality, safety-rated products on your vehicle.  And we’re still competitively priced.

Do you repair windshields or only replace them?
It is our commitment to always attempt to repair windshields before replacement is necessary.  It minimizes cost and disruption, and is also better for the environment.  Our professional technicians will restore the windshield with a guaranteed repair whenever possible.  Of course, we will never compromise your safety and will replace the windshield if repair is not safely possible.

What’s so important about a chip in a windshield?
That chip in your windshield glass is not only an eyesore; it reduces the strength of the windshield glass and ultimately, your safety.  A windshield chip repair from Harmon is guaranteed to prevent the chip from cracking your windshield and to restore the strength of your windshield.

I have a deductible, why should I bother with insurance?
Many times insurance will cover windshield repairs even if there is a deductible for other types of damage.  Regardless of your coverage, when you call Harmon, our experienced representatives will get you the information you need to make the best decision.  We will never perform any repairs without your consent.

Will dealing with insurance be a hassle?
Not when you call Harmon Auto Glass.  Our service representatives work with all insurance companies for you.  Just call us with your policy information and we’ll handle the claim for you.

What if I don’t have time to wait around for repairs?
Harmon makes it easy.  We can come to you at your home or work at no additional cost.  We will complete the repairs while you continue with your day.  We get you back on the road in no time.

Do you offer a warranty or a guarantee?
Harmon Auto Glass will fix it right, guaranteed.  In the case where something is not quite right, we will correct it at no cost to you.  We back up our work 100%.  Additionally, Harmon protects you for a full-year after installation from road hazards and breakage with our G12 guarantee.


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